Free Pai Gow Poker With Bonus: The Range Of Addicting Features & Dynamic Gameplay!

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Free Pai Gow Poker With Bonus

Free Pai Gow poker with bonus is an advanced gambling card game with decent payouts. Once upon a time, several centuries ago, participants used the dice only. Now it looks a little different, and this is more and more attractive to gamers. The process will involve a classic 52-card deck, and additionally, there is one joker.

Free Pai Gow Poker With Bonus: Get Additional Options

Bonus Pai Gow Poker is an online version of Pai Gow poker online with bonus bet. It is played with a fifty-three-sheet deck (the usual fifty-two cards plus a joker), which is shuffled before each new deal. Joker can only participate in such combinations: Straight, Flush, Straight Flush, and Royal Flush. The object of the Bonus Pai Gow Poker game is to beat the dealer with the highest and lowest hands. The main bet can be from one to two hundred dollars, and the bonus – from one to twenty. Participants can only play one box. Here, participants can make a Pai Gow poker bonus bet on a special field. It is optional and is valid regardless of the base rate. It wins if one of the combinations provided by the rules is formed in seven cards (even before they are split). The payout rates for the bonus bet are as follows:

  • Straight – 2:1;
  • Flush – 4:1;
  • Full House – 5:1;
  • Four of a Kind – 25:1;
  • Straight Flush – 50:1;
  • Royal Flush – 150:1;
  • Joker 7 Card Straight Flush – 400:1;
  • Royal Flush with a pair of twos – 2000:1;
  • 7 Card Clean Straight Flush – 8000:1.

The commission is not charged for winnings on the bonus bet. The maximum winnings on it are artificially limited and equal to 25,000. Players should take this into account when they think about the size of the bet to play free Pai Gow poker with bonus.

Is It Necessary To Pay For Bonus In Pai Gow?

The clients are to pay a certain amount, depending on the size of the bet, to get an opportunity to receive the prize payout. But this is not the only way to trigger the bonus options. Some providers offer an alternative method that, if players are patient, will not require additional financial expenses. The principle is as follows:

  • Coins appear on the screen in different situations;
  • They should accumulate and reduce the purchase price of the free Pai Gow poker with bonus game;
  • When the price reaches zero, players can start the bonus for free;
  • They should decide for themselves what they like: spend real money or wait for a little.

Also, players should no forget that the bonus game can start with a combination of special icons. From the deal, the clients and the dealer receive seven cards each. The players do not see the dealer’s cards. Playing free Pai Gow poker with bonus, they must split them into two combinations: the highest of five cards and the lowest of the two, and try their fortune. A five-card hand must be higher than a two-card hand – this is a prerequisite. If the players beat the dealer in both combinations, they receive a payout in a 1:1 ratio minus 5% commission. Winning one of neither means a draw. Weaker combinations in both hands are a losing bet.

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