Poker Card Hands: The Careful Analysis Of The Best & The Worst Will Help To Stay In The Game!

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The basis of any strategy game in poker involves the selection of the required cards with which the player enters the hand. At the pre-flop stage, the poker player has the least information about opponents. So, the necessary knowledge, including the strongest poker card hands, allows choosing the combination with which it will be better to play and to enter the betting circle.

Poker Card Hands: The Best Ones For A Successful Game

The perceived value of a hand always depends on the structure of the initial bets, the game stage, and other important factors. To understand the concept of poker hand hierarchy, poker players define the groups that include the strongest poker hands:

  • The first group is AA, KK. This type of card hand is the most powerful and is called “monster hands” in modern poker terminology. Based on statistics, the player receives AA or KK once every 110 times. Monster hands most often involve an aggressive playing line;
  • The second group is AK, QQ, JJ. Queens and Jacks are good starting poker card hands. Their nominal value is lower than the hands from the first group, but they are still better than the rest of the starting combinations. Also, in the second group, there are hands like AK or “Bigslic”. In this case, suited AK is considered the strongest;
  • Third group. AK, AQ, AJ, KQ, TT. A fairly strong group of combination hands. With these cards, the player most often raises preflop. Unlike other types, the third group assumes the most careful playing line with elements of aggression.

Any poker player who wants to achieve high success should know the strength of starting combinations. In addition to the three groups, there are many other poker card hands with good to medium potential.

Which Poker Hands Are The Worst Ones?

Players need to know which starting hands are least likely to make strong poker hands:

  • 2-7 are the two smallest cards that cannot be used to make a Straight. Even if the cards are of the same suit and the players are lucky enough to get a Flush, it will be weak to expect to win;
  • With a starting hand of 2-8, players also have little chance of winning. The situation with them is similar to 2-7, and only the kicker will be stronger;
  • With poker hands order of 3-8, 3-7, users will be stronger than 2-8 and 2-7, but no more. Their chances of winning are still extremely small, and it is better to get rid of these cards right away;
  • With cards 2-6, there is the possibility of making a Straight or Flush, but players are unlikely to be able to win. After an all-in or raise, there is a very high chance of losing;
  • With 2-9, 3-9, 4-9 starting hands, players can make a straight, but if they hit a nine, players risk losing to top pairs, for example, tens, jacks, queens, aces, kings.

To become good poker players, it is equally important to know the worst poker card hands, which they should almost always fold!

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