Pai Gow Poker Online: Tired Of The Usual Card Game? – Play Ancient China Poker!

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The rules of playing Pai Gow poker online, while not going into details, can be explained in a few words. Players need to win against the dealer in two combinations, consisting of five and two cards, by dividing them themselves (the top hand must be stronger). But the strategy of forming combinations requires careful study.

Pai Gow Poker Online In CA Virtual Halls: The Main Rules

At the heart of Pai Gow poker online casino games is an ancient Chinese game that, over time, has transformed into modern gambling entertainment.

  • To play Pai Gow Poker, users need a card, consisting of 53 cards, an additional of which is a joker;
  • At the beginning of the game, the clients make a bet and receive seven cards. The players divide the issued cards at their discretion into two hands – Large (Senior) and Small (Junior);
  • The Big hand should have five cards, and the Small hand should have two;
  • When dividing the cards into two hands, players should remember that the cards in the Small hand should not be a combination greater than the cards in the Big hand;
  • A large number of online casinos consider the combination in Pai Gow poker free online, which is the second most senior, straight – ace, two, three, four, and five. There is a joker in Pai Gow Poker. It complements only the combinations of Flush, Straight, and Flush Street. In other cases, it is equated to an ace.

The real money game of Pai Gow poker online has one feature that every player needs to know – most of the rounds end in a draw. That is why even a player with a small capital will be able to play for a long time while staying afloat.

Which Way To Get Fortune Bonuses In Pai Gow Poker?

The whole strategy of playing at Pai Gow poker online and get ez bonus can be reduced to one rule: players must form the maximum combination of two cards, which is possible with a stronger hand of five cards. Players should note:

  • Always send a pair of aces to the lowest hand. No matter which cards form the other pair;
  • Send a pair of kings to the lowest combination if the second pair is sevens or higher;
  • If they have an ace with a weak card, they should split the kings with a pair of threes or better; queens with a pair of fives and above; jacks and ten with a pair of nines and eights;
  • They should always leave two pair in the highest combination if they can take an ace with any picture into the low one;
  • To get the fortune in Pai Gow poker online, they’d better never separate small pairs (sixes and below);
  • In all other cases, keep pairs with an ace and any card. If there is no ace, split pairs into two hands.

In some CA online casinos, gambling at Pai Gow poker online involves additional bets on the bonus, which is paid if players manage to collect a combination from a straight to a seven-card Royal Flush. With such luck, the player can get a significant multiplication of the winnings (up to 8 thousand to one).

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