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How to win at poker by playing its most simple types

There are two very popular poker variations such as three cards poker and video poker. People adore both games because it is played against the dealer but not the other players hence getting to grips with how to win at poker every time by playing those games is relatively simple. Video poker has the highest RTP out of all slot games and therefore the probability of winning and learning how to win at poker more frequently is even easier. All in all, general tips will have to be used at all times.

How win at 3 card poker online?

Considering 3 card poker is a wise option because this is a high-frequency game and determining how to win at poker is easier. Due to the fact that there are only three cards issued, there are fewer hands than in traditional poker variations. Due to the fact that there is no chance for cards to go out and the player together with the dealer will compare the cards that are dealt, the game can be regarded as a chance game. So, in order to win all the times, playing on chances strategy can be employed. The person has to decide whether there is a chance of winning or not as well as carrying out to play or fold. If it is decided to play, then the following procedure may be used:

  1. If the turn results in the win, simply collect the winning amount;
  2. If the turn did not result in the win, apply Martingale strategy by doubling the ante bet;
  3. Always consider whether to play or fold;
  4. If the turn does not bring the rewards, there is the chance of doubling the sums further;
  5. Three card poker has a very low house edge advantage, so it should take a few turns to recover losses and fix the win quite easily.

The game has different payouts too. The lowest payouts that are paid 1:1 hence wondering how to win at casino poker by doubling the stakes and having the payouts of flush 4:1 or straight 5:1, or even trips are paid 30:1, should make the win come to fruition anyway.

How to win video poker machines online?

Video poker has an even better and simpler explanation of how to win at poker. The game has the highest RTP of all slot games hence with the application of the right strategy will definitely allow winning very often. Players can easily implement the doubling Martingale strategy just like in 3 cards poker but the opportunity of being able to see what initially has been received and get more cards during the game brings more opportunities. Here is what can be done:

  • Look at the cards that have been received;
  • Look for at least a couple of cards that bear the same suite or have the same rank;
  • Based on this think what hands can be made and go for it by giving away cards that are not needed and getting the new ones;
  • After getting new cards, see whether the hand can be improved;
  • If so, add new cards to the existing hand.

If jokers or wilds are used in the game, it will increase the chances of winning even further. When playing video poker machines, remember that knowing how to win at poker is dependent on recovering losses hence using Martingale’s strategy is important.

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