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Let It Ride Poker Game

Let It Ride Poker is another type of poker game that takes place between the dealer and the player. The goal of the game is to collect the strongest hand possible, that is, to have at least a pair of tens. Combinations are made using their own three cards and two common ones. The game is played with a 52-card deck. The Joker is not used when playing poker .

The game of Let It Ride poker begins with placing the Ante on the table, which includes three identical bets. Then only six cards are dealt, three of them are open to the player, and three are placed in front of the dealer.

Poker Let It Ride

Now the player in Let It Ride can withdraw his bet, or leave it and play further. In this case, the dealer draws out the fourth and fifth cards, and the player decides whether to take his second bet or leave it on the table. Then the dealer in Let It Ride poker turns over the sixth card.

Next comes the comparison of cards and the calculation of winnings in Let It Ride poker. The win in Let It Ride depends on the combination collected by the player . If two tens – 1: 1; two pairs – 2 to 1; three of a kind – 3 to 1; straight – 5 to 1; flash – 8 to 1; full house – 11 to 1; square – 50 to 1; straight flush – 200 to 1; royal flush – 1000 to 1. There is a strategy of the game that is considered the least risky.

If you have a pair of tens, any three cards to a royal flush, any three cards to a straight flush and an inside straight flush with at least one high card, three cards are a double inside straight flush with at least two high cards, a queen-jack combination – ten, then you should continue to play Let It Ride poker with the first three cards. With the first four cards, if you have a pair of tens or higher, any four cards to a flush, straight flush and royal flush, any four cards to an outside straight, four highest cards in poker.

You should also know that in Let It Ride poker, an internal flush means that one or two of the internal cards are not present in the hand, that is, for example, 4-5-7-8. Outside Street is when there is no outside card, that is, for example 6-7-8-9, or 3-4-5.

You can play Let It Ride both in a real casino and online poker . Both types of games will be of interest to all gamblers.

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